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Controlling Your Heat Pump With A Smart Device

The increased popularity and continued improvement of Smart Devices and integrated applications has made it easier for us to maintain complete control of our homes. This includes controlling any appliance that is connected to your home network – including your heat pump! We’ve put together the handy guide below which gives you some helpful information around smart devices, your heat pump and just what’s possible when you integrate the two. What’s a smart device? A smart device is an electronic device that’s connected to other devices or networks (usually by Bluetooth, W-Fi or 3G) that can either operate autonomously or provide control over other devices or appliances. An example of this would be controlling your fridge, lights or other appliance using your smartphone. While there a hundreds of smart devices currently available the most common forms of smart devices found in homes today are smartphones, tablets, smart watches, smart thermostats, smart…

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How To Clean Your MHI Split System Filters

Did you know, on average, we breathe in approximately 8,000 – 9,000 litres of air each day? As much as we’d like to believe that the air we’re breathing in is clean and fresh, research suggests otherwise. Think about all the different environments you are exposed to in 24 hours – your workplace, your local bus stop, shopping centre and gym. All these places have varying levels of pollutants and although you can’t control the air outside, you can control and improve air quality in your home. Your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split system incorporates specifically designed filters that help capture allergens, smoke and other airborne particles as well as as reduce odour and suppress mould however to do all this, they require a little TLC from time to time. We recommend cleaning the filters on your heat pump at least once a season. However, cleaning the filters doesn’t have to…

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Product in Focus – Avanti PLUS Split System

Engineered by Italian designers and boasting industry leading energy ratings, the Avanti PLUS® split system is efficient as it is stylish. Boasting a huge range of convenient features, we’ve taken a closer look to determine exactly what makes the Avanti PLUS® the perfect solution for keeping you warm in winters and cool during summer. Recommended by CONSUMER  As New Zealand’s leading consumer advocacy group, Consumer conducts independent reviews of heat pumps and makes recommendations based on their performance data including capacity, cooling and heating efficiency and more. All models of the Avanti PLUS® series including the 2.0kW, 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW and 6.0kW were recommended by Consumer NZ.   High energy efficiency delivers lower running costs Improvements in the internal design, in combination with the use of R32 refrigerant, has allowed the Avanti PLUS® to achieve impressive energy ratings. The 2.0kW model is currently the most energy efficient heat pump in…

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9 Easy Tips to Reduce Your Heat Pump Running Costs This Winter

Winter is officially here and while it may not bring the white-walkers with it, you can guarantee it will bring some chilly temperatures.  So while you may be looking forward to curling up on the couch and binge-watching Netflix in your Uggs, no-one wants a huge power bill come Spring so we’ve put together 9 helpful tips to help you keep warm while also keeping your power bill to a minimum this winter. 1. Let There Be Light Not only is Vitamin D good for your body and soul it’s also helpful in keeping your house warm! Where possible keep your curtains, blinds or shutters open during the day to let the sunshine in. Your indoor plants will thank you and those few extra degrees of warmth you retain will mean less work for your heat pump when you get home.   2. Rug up Uncovered flooring can account for…

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5 Things to know when getting a heat pump installation quote

Before you start shopping around for your perfect heat pump, we’ve put together an easy guide on what you need to factor in when getting an installation quote.   1. Supply only vs. Supply and Install When purchasing a heat pump, you usually have two options. You can choose to purchase your heat pump by itself without adding any installation costs to the bill and look for an installer on your own (Supply Only), or you can opt to buy the heat pump and have the reseller manage the installation process for you too (Supply and Install). Regardless of which option you go for, be sure to consult a professional reseller before purchasing a heat pump to help you select the right type, model and capacity for your home.   2. Choosing a reputable installer A heat pump unit is an investment so it’s important to find the right installer.…

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A quick guide to your best night sleep solution!

Did you know that the room temperature and humidity levels in your bedroom affect how well you sleep at night? When you go to sleep, your brain is trying to lower the body temperature. It helps the body to conserve energy and this is one of the reasons why we feel so recharged after a good night’s sleep. However, if the room temperature – or rather how your body perceives it – is too cold or too hot, it may struggle to reach the ideal temperature, which makes you more awake and alert when this is the last thing you want to be! While research varies, the optimum temperature for your bedroom is somewhere between 18 to 20°C. As for humidity, while it doesn’t change the temperature, it affects how your body perceives it – cold air with high relative humidity feels colder and the opposite is valid for the…

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A guide to a perfect AC for your Living Room

Large or small, open plan design or not it should be fair to say that for most people the living room is the heart of their home. This is the room where we tend to spend a lot of our time – entertaining family and friends or just unwinding in front of the TV – and want to feel comfortable regardless of the time of the year or the weather outside. And that’s where an air conditioner comes into play! There are a few important factors to consider when selecting the AC unit for your living room and we have them right here!   Don’t drown out the conversation with a noisy aircon Naturally, when spending time with friends and family in an entertainment area such as the living room, the last thing that you want is a noisy aircon which drowns out the conversation. While there’s no easy way to…

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5 reasons to consider a ducted heat pump for your home

Looking for a heat pump that provides comfort for the whole home? Look no further than a ducted heat pump! Boasting a powerful performance with a discreet, ceiling concealed design, ducted heat pumps are proving popular in homes around the country.They effortlessly heat and cool the air which is then distributed via a series of ducts into the various rooms in your home so that you can enjoy a cosy home in winter and a cool home in summer. Still not 100% convinced? Here’s several great reasons why a ducted heat pump can work for you.   #1 Consistent airflow to every room If you’re after a consistent climate across multiple living areas in your house, a ducted heat pump easily do this for you. Unlike a split system heat pump whereby you can cool or heat just one room at a time, a ducted heat pump ensures the perfect…

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What type of AC suits your lifestyle?

So just how will you keep everyone happy? In a home, there is always someone who is too hot, someone how is too cold and someone who thinks that the temperature is just right. While it may sound like a Goldilocks fairy-tale, when buying an AC unit for your home you can have the perfect climate to suit everyone. There are quite a few AC types out there but fear not….it is not as complicated as you may think. After reading this, we are sure that you’ll agree – selecting an AC is a breeze!   Single Split Systems – The popular choice Single split AC’s are easy to install, efficient to run and come in a range of stylish designs to suit your décor style. Comprising of an indoor unit – wall mounted, floor standing or ceiling concealed (bulkhead systems), and an outdoor unit. As the most popular choice, single…

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