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5 Things to know when getting a heat pump installation quote

Before you start shopping around for your perfect heat pump, we’ve put together an easy guide on what you need to factor in when getting an installation quote.


1. Supply only vs. Supply and Install

When purchasing a heat pump, you usually have two options. You can choose to purchase your heat pump by itself without adding any installation costs to the bill and look for an installer on your own (Supply Only), or you can opt to buy the heat pump and have the reseller manage the installation process for you too (Supply and Install). Regardless of which option you go for, be sure to consult a professional reseller before purchasing a heat pump to help you select the right type, model and capacity for your home.


2. Choosing a reputable installer

A heat pump unit is an investment so it’s important to find the right installer. The reseller or retailer that you purchase your heat pump from should be able to offer installation services and will have some reliable, licensed heat pump specialists or refrigeration mechanics on-hand. Alternatively, you can shop around to choose an installer for yourself. Be sure to compare quotes and get referrals before making your choice. As a quick guide – you want your installer to be:


Experienced –  in other words, be able to provide references for the similar type of heat pump installation to yours.

Appropriately qualified –  be a holder of a valid and current Refrigeration and Air conditioning license of a relevant type. Read more on this HERE.

Adequately insured –  You’re mostly interested in availability and currency of their Public Liability insurance that would cover property damage or personal injury of a 3rd party should anything, though very unlikely, happen during the installation.


3. Getting a quote

Now that you’ve done your homework, you are ready to start getting quotes. As mentioned, it’s wise to request quotes from a few providers to compare on price, references and the overall service that you have received to date. In terms of best practice, heat pump installers should offer you a site inspection of the area to ensure that the capacity and specs are all in-line with your cooling and/ or heating requirements. Most importantly, they must provide a detailed quote which includes line-items with detailed descriptions, payment terms and deposits, inclusions and exclusions, warranties, insurance, servicing recommendations etc.


4. Not all installation warranties are made equal

Always check with installer how long is their installation warranty period. For example, cheaper installation quotes may only include 6 months warranty, so if a gas leak takes 12 months to be discovered you’re not entitled to any recompense from the installer other than a moral obligation. Most reputable installers will offer 12 months as a minimum and some will even match the product warranty. This will also vary between the split systems and ducted systems; Therefore, it is always good to check what kind of warranty is included with your installation quote.


5. Be mindful of hidden or unforeseen costs

Before you make your mind about which installer to go with, you need to understand exactly what they are going to charge you – be sure to ask if the quote is final and if there any other possible charges involved.


Here is an idea of some of the other extra charges that you could be faced with depending on the complexity of the job:

  • Extra piping and interconnecting cable required (if a unit is for example being installed on a 2nd floor);
  • Multi-unit installation;
  • Extra charges if an area is hard to access (like the roof);
  • Poly slab installation (if an outdoor unit is installed on the ground and there is no concrete slab for it to stand on);
  • Brackets (if an outdoor unit needs to be mounted onto a wall);
  • Electrical work (if circuit upgrades etc. are required).


By being savvy and in-the-know about these, you can discuss and anticipate them before they potentially arise.

Now that you’re all clued up, you’re ready to start arranging quotes!

Remember that our installers are located nationwide and are happy to answer any questions that you might have and to provide support.


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