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Key features

  • Compact design
  • Individual louvre control
  • MHI's Clean Air Technology
  • Automatic operation mode control
  • Sleep timer
  • 600mm built-in drain pump
Energy Saving

Home Leave Operation

This function ensures that when the room is unoccupied for long periods of time, the unit will maintain a moderate indoor temperature, avoiding extremely hot or cool temperatures and damage.Note: can only be enabled using the RC-EX3 wired controller.

Set Temperature Auto Return

Program a preferred set temperature that the unit will return to each time it is switched on.Note: can only be enabled using the RC-EX3 wired controller.
Air Flow

Louvre Control System

Set the upper and lower limit positions of each individual louvre, providing you with complete control over internal airflow.

Vertical Auto Swing

The vertical louvres on your unit will move up and down continuously during operation. This function allows you to set the up/down swing position of the louver to your preferred operation angle.

Automatic Fan Speed

The unit’s on-board microcomputer continuously monitors the room’s air temperature and adjusts the fan speed accordingly.
Clean Air

Air Filter

Traps and removes air borne dust particles and other allergens, providing you with clean air throughout your home.

Filter Sign

Alerts you to when the filter needs to be cleaned.

Outside Air Intake

Draws in fresh air from outside the building before distributing this within the system, avoiding constant recycling of internal air and ensuring clean and fresh air within your home.
Comfort & Convenience

Automatic Operation

Automatically selects the required heating or cooling function based on the current room conditions and set temperature.

Function Switch

From the six available functions on the unit, this function allows you to set two functions to operate automatically. (Note: this is not available when a centralised remote control is connected).Note: can only be enabled using the RC-EX3 wired controller

Peak-Cut Timer

Set the capacity limit during certain periods of the day, minimising energy consumption during peak billing times, thus reducing operation costs.Note: can only be enabled using the RC-EX3 wired controller

Hi Power Operation

Provides 15mins of boosted power to quickly heat or cool your home before returning to normal operation. Perfect for when you first turn on it the unit.Note: For FDE, FDT, FDTC, FDUA, and FDUM series can only be enabled using the RC-EX3 wired controller.

Silent Operation

Set periods of time where the unit will operate with reduced noise levels, perfect for night time and an uninterrupted sleep.

Weekly Timer

Set your unit to turn on and off at specific times for each day of the week to suit your needs.

Sleep Timer

Set a pre-determined amount of time between 30 and 240 mins that your unit will operate for before switching off.

Built-in Drain Pump

The built-in drain pump allows greater flexibility with installation, offering a perfect solution for applications with limited space.


In the unlikely event of a fault the internal microcomputer automatically runs a diagnostic of the system. This enables a service agent to quickly isolate and repair any issues.



  • Enable Hi Power operation which allows the unit to run continuously for 15 minutes to reach the desired room temperature quickly.
  • Easily adjust the fan speed of the unit.
  • Control the up/down flap swing of the unit. This function allows you to fix the up/down flap swing at your preferred angle for the continuous up/down swing. The next time you turn on your air conditioner the flap will return to the last position that it was in when the unit was stopped.
  • Easily change the operation mode of the unit through the screen display. Tap on the icon of your selected mode from: cooling, dry, auto, fan and heating. when Auto is selected the cooling and heating switching operation is performed automatically according to the indoor and outdoor temperature.
  • Weekly Timer function is a standard inclusion. This allows users to set up to 28 different timers, on and off operations, in a week with 4 timer programs per day available.



  • With the ability to control up to 16 indoor units, RCH-E3 is intended for use in a setting where everyday users only need access to the basic functions.
  • With the RCH-E3 users can turn the air conditioner ON/OFF and control the mode, temperature and fan speed settings.


  • Use the Mode button to select  from Cool, Heat, Dry, or Fan Only operation or let the unit do it automatically when you select Auto option.
  • Activate Hi Power mode to achieve the desired room temperature faster.
  • Select Eco button to activate energy saving operation mode.
  • For maximum comfort, easily adjust Airflow Direction in your room by simply pressing U/D (up/down) button.
  • With On / Off Timer function you can easily set a start and a stop timer, and your unit will faithfully start or stop the system at a specified time of the day.
  • Use Child Lock function to disable the controller and prevent inadvertent changes to the control settings from the youngest members of the family.
  • Enable Night Setback to maintain your room temperature during cold conditions, even when the room is unattended.

For more information on the functions available and how to access them on your remote control, please refer to your unit’s user manual.


Wi-Fi control


  • Program your air conditioner using your Smartphone, Apple Watch, tablet or desktop. Available for iPhone and other devices with Android OS installed.
  • Control multiple areas of the home using one Wi-Fi device.
  • Turn the air conditioner on before you arrive home.
  • Change how the system has been programmed if you will be arriving home late.
  • Access the current room temperature of your home when you are at work or away from home.
  • Program the air conditioner with a calendar schedule in an easy and intuitive way.

Note: Wi-Fi control is optional and requires MH-RC-WIFI-1 adaptor sold separately.

Note 2: some functions for some air conditioners may not be available via AC Cloud Control app. On/Off timer, weekly timer and sleep timer are disabled if Wi-Fi accessory connected. Similar functions can be set via the AC Cloud application.

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