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The latest edition to our multi-award winning range of wall mounted split system heat pumps. The Ciara™ series includes built-in Wi-Fi control and voice control compatibility as standard. It also incorporates a timeless and elegant Italian design, with rounded contours and a sleek finish. Available in reverse cycle models the Ciara™ series is perfect for small-medium spaces.

Key features

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Voice control compatibility (via Google & Alexa devices)
  • New easy to use remote control with backlit display
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Clean Air Technology to deliver allergen and odour free air
  • Quiet operation with two levels of silent mode on outdoor unit
Energy Saving

Fuzzy Auto Mode

Using fuzzy logic algorithms, the unit determines the operating mode and temperature settings automatically and adjusts the inverter frequency.

Home Leave Operation

This function ensures that when the room is unoccupied for long periods of time, the unit will maintain a moderate indoor temperature, avoiding extremely hot or cool temperatures and damage.Note: can only be enabled using the RC-EX3 wired controller.

Set Temperature Auto Return

Program a preferred set temperature that the unit will return to each time it is switched on.Note: can only be enabled using the RC-EX3 wired controller.

Eco Operation

Automatically adjusts the set temperature based on the human activity detected in the room by the motion sensor and switches the unit off when no activity is detected.

Auto Off

Stops the operation automatically when there are no people activity detected in the room for a certain period of time.
Air Flow

Jet Air Technology

Advanced fan blade technology, used in the development of jet engines, efficiently delivers powerful yet quiet and evenly distributed airflow.

Louvre Control System

Set the upper and lower limit positions of each individual louvre, providing you with complete control over internal airflow.

Vertical Auto Swing

The vertical louvres on your unit will move up and down continuously during operation. This function allows you to set the up/down swing position of the louver to your preferred operation angle.

3D Auto Airflow

One touch program that operates three independent motors which effectively distributes an even airflow across the entire room.

Auto Louvre Mode

Depending on whether the unit is in heating or cooling mode this will automatically set the louvre at the optimum angle for even air distribution.

Memory Louvre

Set the louvre at the desired angle. Unit will automatically return the louvres to this position on every subsequent start up.

Up/Down Louvre Swing

The horizontal louvres will automatically swing up and down for even air distribution.

Right/Left Louvre Swing

The vertical louvres will automatically swing left and right for even air distribution.

Automatic Fan Speed

The unit’s on-board microcomputer continuously monitors the room’s air temperature and adjusts the fan speed accordingly.
Clean Air

Allergen Clear Filter

Captures airborne allergens such as hair, pollen and dust particles before neutralising them and any bacteria using specially formulated enzymes.

Allergen Clear Operation

Multi-stage operation that activates enzymes in the specially designed filter, neutralising and suppressing airborne allergens such as pollen, dust and hair.

Self-Clean Operation

Dries the indoor unit and filter, preventing the growth of mould. Designed to be run regularly after use.

Removable Cover

Removable front cover allowing access for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Comfort & Convenience

Automatic Operation

Automatically selects the required heating or cooling function based on the current room conditions and set temperature.

Dry Operation

Reduces humidity by removing moisture from the air without effecting indoor temperature.

Function Switch

From the six available functions on the unit, this function allows you to set two functions to operate automatically. (Note: this is not available when a centralised remote control is connected).Note: can only be enabled using the RC-EX3 wired controller

Hi Power Operation

Provides 15mins of boosted power to quickly heat or cool your home before returning to normal operation. Perfect for when you first turn on it the unit.Note: For FDE, FDT, FDTC, FDUA, and FDUM series can only be enabled using the RC-EX3 wired controller.

Silent Operation

Set periods of time where the unit will operate with reduced noise levels, perfect for night time and an uninterrupted sleep.

Weekly Timer

Set your unit to turn on and off at specific times for each day of the week to suit your needs.

Sleep Timer

Set a pre-determined amount of time between 30 and 240 mins that your unit will operate for before switching off.

On/Off Timer

Set your unit to turn on and off once, at specific times, within a 24 hour period. Unit will then turn on and off at the specified times every day.

Comfort Start-up

When using the ON-TIMER function, the unit will switch on slightly earlier than the SET time, to ensure the optimum temperature is reached at the ON TIME.

Preset Operation

The desired preset operation mode can be enabled with a single touch of a button.

Child Lock

Lock the remote control to prevent little ones from changing functions and other settings. Useful for families with curious young children.

LED Brightness Adjustment

Adjust the brightness of the LED display on the indoor unit to minimise disturbance during evenings. Perfect for units installed in bedrooms.

Positioning of Installation

Manually set the horizontal airflow direction to ensure even air distribution in situations where the indoor unit is installed in close proximity to a wall.

Microcomputer-Operated Defrosting

Automatically activated during low ambient temperatures to prevent the frosting of the outdoor heat exchanger.


In the unlikely event of a fault the internal microcomputer automatically runs a diagnostic of the system. This enables a service agent to quickly isolate and repair any issues.

Wireless Remote

  • Use the Mode button to select from Cool, Heat, Dry, or Fan Only operation or let the unit do it automatically when you select Auto option.
  • Press the Hi EO button to activate Hi Power mode to achieve the desired room temperature faster.
  • Activate Allergen Clear function with a simple click of a button. Run for approximately 90 minutes, this program is designed to eliminate the allergens commonly found in the room air and effectively lock them away from your airflow.
  • For maximum comfort, easily adjust Airflow Direction in your room by simply pressing L/R (for horizontal swing) and U/D (for vertical swing) buttons.
  • Program Timer Operation – This is the combined timer operation of ON TIMER and OFF TIMER. Once this has been set, the timer operations will be repeated at the same time every day (unless the CANCEL button is pressed).
  • Select 3D Auto button to activate the three independent air flow controls allowing for an even airflow to be delivered across the entire room.
  • Use Child Lock function to disable the controller and prevent inadvertent changes to the control settings from the youngest members of the family.
  • Enable Night Setback to maintain your room temperature during cold conditions, even when the room is unattended.

For more information on the functions available and how to access them on your remote control, please refer to your unit’s user manual.


Wi-Fi Built-in (Smart M Air App)

  • Control your system using your smart device (iPhone, iPad, Android) together with the Smart M-AIR APP
  • Control the set temperature, operation mode, change the fan speed and air flow direction as well as set weekly timers.
  • Control your system via your Google or Amazon smart speaker device. (Devices sold separately)
  • Set Favourites with desired temperature, operation mode and more for ultimate comfort.
  • Receive automatic Shut-off reminder and hi/low temperature alerts.
  • Monitor electricity usage and more!

Note: 1x user account per smartphone with up to 4x individual user accounts per individual Wi-Fi device.

Some functions for some air conditioners may not be available via Smart M-Air app.

Apple iPhone for iOS 12-17

Voice Control

By using the SMART M-Air and either an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Device (sold separately), the user can operate the Ciara™ Air Conditioner with the voice control function.


  1. Air conditioner ON/OFF
  2. Change operating mode between cool/heat/auto
  3. Change the set temperature
  4. Check the operating condition of the air conditioner
  5. Detect multiple air conditioners


  1. Air conditioner ON/OFF
  2. Change operating mode between cool/heat/auto
  3. Change the set temperature
  4. Check the operating condition of the air conditioner
  5. Synchronise multiple air conditioners

Note: Some functions may not be available as voice commands or accessible via 3rd party apps.

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