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SCM-ZM series

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This powerful and quiet range of outdoor units offers five capacity options and the ability to connect up to six indoor units, making it the perfect option to cool and heat the whole home.

You can choose from six different types of indoor units in a wide range of capacities that allows for hundreds of heating and cooling options for your home or commercial space.

The DC twin rotary compressor makes this unit highly efficient at the same time as limiting noise levels, minimizing the impact on your home enjoyment.

With each unit having independent control options, energy efficiency is maximized.

Where to Buy

Capacity: 6.0kW
Max. Indoor Units: 3

View Product SCM60ZM-S1

Capacity: 7.1kW
Max. Indoor Units: 4

View Product SCM71ZM-S1

Capacity: 8.0kW
Max. Indoor Units: 4

View Product SCM80ZM-S1

Capacity: 10.0kW
Max. Indoor Units: 5

View Product SCM100ZM-S

Capacity: 12.5kW
Max. Indoor Units: 6

View Product SCM125ZM-S