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9 Benefits of a Ducted Heat Pump

Ducted heat pumps use a central unit to cool or heat your entire home through a series of ducts and vents. These whole house systems are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. They offer a ton of benefits that make them a great choice for your whole house.   solutions for any space Ducted heat pumps come in a range of capacities meaning there is a suitable solution available for any Kiwi home. What’s more, in homes with limited roof space, there are multiple versatile options available. This includes the compact FDU series which has a low profile design allowing to fit within tight roof cavities as well as the uniquely designed FDUA series which incorporates a splitable indoor unit allowing it to split into two parts for easier handling during installation. Energy Efficient Due to their advanced component design and smart programming, ducted systems are quite…

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