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Why Choose Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Built on history and experience

Delivering engineering excellence for over 130 years, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand has a rich history of superior heating and cooling products and is instantly recognisable for quality and technological advancement.

Innovation is in our DNA

Leveraging our experience within the energy, space, aviation, automotive and environment sectors and utilising cutting edge technology, innovation is central to both our organisation and the development of our heat pump solutions.

Technology that outlasts and outperforms

Our Japanese-engineered technologies allow us to design and deliver world class heat pump systems that go the distance within the tough Kiwi climates.

Committed to our customers

Standing behind the quality of our products is our commitment to our customers and after sales service guarantees. Comprehensive warranties provide you peace of mind and carry our promise of quality to you.

Latest News

MHI Introduces New Wera Series of Floor Console Heat Pumps

Continuing its dedication to bringing New Zealand consumers new and reliable products, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is pleased to introduce the Wera™ series of floor console heat pumps. Coming from the Maori term for ‘heating’, the Wera™ series is available in 2.5kw, 3.5kW and 5.0kW capacities and is the perfect solution for when wall space is at a premium. The compact indoor unit can be installed close to floor, placed under a window, semi-recessed into the wall or mounted in a convenient location. The Wera™ series features the R32 refrigerant which helps delivery high energy efficiency ratings while also offering the usual convenient functions and features that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pumps are known for. The Wera™ series offers high heating performance in temperatures as low as -200C while it’s high power operation allows it to deliver rapid heating making them perfect for colder climates. It also features MHI’s Clean Air…

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Consumer Recommends Multiple Products in 2020 Heat Pump Review

In their latest June 2020 review, leading consumer advocacy group Consumer has again recommended multiple Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pumps. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pumps fared exceptionally well across all size categories with recommendations across small, medium and large capacity heat pumps. Consumer analysed performance data from 228 heat pumps before rating them based on their: Heating and cooling efficiency Indoor and outdoor noise levels Performance in low temperatures Small capacities (under 4kW) In the small and medium categories the Avanti PLUS® units were the true champions with the 2.0kW, 2.5kW, 3.5kW models being recommended. Boasting a 7 star heating and cooling energy rating – the highest of any heat pump in New Zealand and a wide range of energy saving features, the 2.0kW Avanti PLUS® model (SRK20ZSXA-W) was the best performer, achieving an overall rating of 84% – the highest rating of any heat pump in the small sized…

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MHI Delivers Heating and Cooling Solution for Westpac Office

Project Description Located in a modern business park in Canterbury, Christchurch, 2 Showplace Court is a high profile office building that currently serves as one of Westpac’s main offices. The 1,882sqm complex boasts a modern contemporary design, including large concrete fascia and contains multiple open plan office areas with meeting rooms, boardroom, kitchen and reception spread across three levels. PROJECT REQUIREMENTS & challenges The three storey office building required a reliable and energy efficient heating and cooling solution to replace the existing system. The new system needed to be retrofitted throughout the entire complex including all open plan office spaces, meeting rooms, reception and all other communal areas. The solution would need to be capable of delivering a reliable heating and cooling solution to the entire building during Christchurch’s hot summers (which can reach up to 30c) and cold winters (which regularly reach 0c) with the ability to function in…

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MHI Delivers National Product Training Across New Zealand

To foster the company’s ongoing commitment to its dedicated customers and service agent groups, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries successfully completed its first round of National Product training in late 2019 with a plan to develop further training programs across New Zealand for customers throughout 2020. Designed to increase understanding of the complete MHI product range and technologies, the one-day course gives customers an overview of the different products available from MHI including fundamental functions, features and their technical applications. The one-day course was delivered by Reza Maziar, MHI’s Research and Development Manager, to participants in Auckland, Christchurch and Palmerston North. Managing Director for MHI, Mr. Yuji Ito, notes that the new training course is a way for MHI to further increase product knowledge to our customer base. “For MHI, we rely on our dedicated customers as our brand ambassadors. They are the face of our company out on the road on…

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Effect of Cool Airflow on Comfort: More Than Just a Feeling

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. (MHI Thermal Systems), a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) Group, and Kyushu University have demonstrated the improvement of comfort by indirect airflow in a cooling air environment by subjective and physiological measurements. This result was proved through joint research on the comfort of MHI Thermal Systems’ inverter packaged air conditioner “AirFlex” with a research group led by Associate Professor Tsuyoshi Okamoto of Kyushu University’s Faculty of Arts and Science. Could improving comfort and productivity be as simple as changing the direction of your air conditioner vents during the summer? Using a series of physiological measurements, a new study from researchers at Kyushu University provides new experimental evidence that this just might be the case. “The flow of air in a room is known to influence comfort, but evaluations have so far been primarily based on assessments of feelings that are subjective, which…

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MHI’s Spirit of Monozukuri

The spirit of Monozukuri sits at the heart of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group and is evident through the ideation and commitment to research, developing and producing innovative products. It’s a philosophy adopted across all MHI business globally and is apparent in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries dedication in supplying award winning air conditioning products to the New Zealand market. The art of Monozukuri originated in Japan as far back as 2000BC. Whilst Monozukuri is rooted in the art of manufacturing, in contemporary times the idea heavily influences science and engineering, fueling scientific and technological innovation. Today, Monozukuri in Japan is the driving principle that drives design innovation that conforms the output of any successful manufacturing companies. Monozukuri is a compound word; mono, meaning product, item, or thing, and zukuri, which is the process of making. It is both a concept and a mindset that encapsulates more than its literal definition.…

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MHI Technology Shows Potential to Remove and Deactivate Novel Coronavirus

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. (MHI Thermal Systems), owner of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe, Ltd., have confirmed its latest proprietary air purification technology has the ability to remove and inactivate the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). The latest technology includes a proprietary air purification and an enzyme-urea formulation processor that exposes cells to UV-C LED (ultraviolet-C light-emitting diode) radiation to remove and inactivate airborne viruses. Holding the potential to remove and inactivate airborne viruses with a unique air filer trapping innovation. The results show the ability to control the novel coronavirus by air purification – marking a significant step towards MHI Thermal Systems tackling the worldwide pandemic with its expert technology. Tests also confirm efficacy in removing and inactivating traces of the coronavirus through commissioned research from the Satoshi Omura Memorial Institute of Kitasato University, led by Professor Kazauhiko Katayama. Before launching to its worldwide markets, MHI Thermal Systems will…

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From Food Stalls to Factories: The Concept of Yatai In Action

In today’s fast-moving world, flexibility is key for business success. And when it comes to finding agile ways of working, inspiration can come from the strangest places. The word “Yatai” describes the highly mobile street food stalls often found in clusters in Japan. It is also used to describe an agile system of factory workstations. These highly-mobile units embody the idea of flexibility, allowing manufacturers to quickly react to sudden changes or events in the global marketplace. Watch this short video to see how embracing the concept of Yatai is the key to flexible manufacturing. To learn more click here.

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