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5 reasons to consider a ducted heat pump for your home

Looking for a heat pump that provides comfort for the whole home? Look no further than a ducted heat pump!

Boasting a powerful performance with a discreet, ceiling concealed design, ducted heat pumps are proving popular in homes around the country.They effortlessly heat and cool the air which is then distributed via a series of ducts into the various rooms in your home so that you can enjoy a cosy home in winter and a cool home in summer.

Still not 100% convinced? Here’s several great reasons why a ducted heat pump can work for you.


#1 Consistent airflow to every room

If you’re after a consistent climate across multiple living areas in your house, a ducted heat pump easily do this for you. Unlike a split system heat pump whereby you can cool or heat just one room at a time, a ducted heat pump ensures the perfect amount of airflow to each room in your home for year-round comfort.


#2 Silent operation

The last thing that you want after a busy day is to deal with a rowdy AC unit, which is one less of a problem when you opt for a quality ducted heat pump The improved technology makes them nearly silent. For example, 7.1kW unit from our FDUA series of ducted heat pumps has a noise level as low as 25dB on a low fan speed. Think of those quiet and peaceful nights in rural areas – that’s about how much noise 25dB is!


#3 Efficiency

Thanks to advanced hyper-inverter technology, our ducted heat pumps can now reach your desired temperature quicker than ever before. Plus, we make sure that our ducted heat pumps not only meet but well exceed the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)*, which means less energy is consumed by these units and smaller energy bills for you.


#4 Zoning

Don’t want to heat or cool the whole house? It makes perfect sense if, for example, during the day you find yourself spending most of your time, say, in the living room and at night you’re in your bedroom and not using the rest of the house.   Well, that’s not a problem for a ducted heat pump as many come with an integrated zoning solution these days.

If you wonder what a zone in AC vocabulary is, well, simply put it is a room or a living area in your house. You can set and control the temperature and other features in each zone individually via a simple remote controller placed conveniently on the wall. The MHI Airzone zoning solution** takes it even a step further and allows you controlling your ducted heat pump via your phone or tablet – whether you are at home or not!


#5 Adding value to your property

Beyond enjoying a perfectly air conditioned home, a ducted heat pump is a desirable selling point and this premium fixture is often viewed as highly valuable by real estate agents and buyers alike.  This investment will not go unnoticed when you decide to sell your home in future!


Now that you understand the ins and outs of a ducted heat pump and what makes it a perfect solution for your home, be sure to use a qualified installer who can assist you in selecting and installing a quality ducted heat pump for your home. Speak to one of our accredited installers who’d be happy to give you advice and help you select the system that is right for you.


*More Information on the energy ratings for ducted units can  can be found at or simply click here.

**Sold separately.


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