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MHI Introduces New Wera Series of Floor Console Heat Pumps

Continuing its dedication to bringing New Zealand consumers new and reliable products, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is pleased to introduce the Wera™ series of floor console heat pumps.

Coming from the Maori term for ‘heating’, the Wera™ series is available in 2.5kw, 3.5kW and 5.0kW capacities and is the perfect solution for when wall space is at a premium. The compact indoor unit can be installed close to floor, placed under a window, semi-recessed into the wall or mounted in a convenient location. The Wera™ series features the R32 refrigerant which helps delivery high energy efficiency ratings while also offering the usual convenient functions and features that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pumps are known for.

The Wera™ series offers high heating performance in temperatures as low as -200C while it’s high power operation allows it to deliver rapid heating making them perfect for colder climates. It also features MHI’s Clean Air Technology. Explained in further detail in our blog bost, MHI’s Clean Air Technology captures and neutralises airborne allergens such as pollen, dust and other allergens before neutralising them, along with odours, bacteria and viruses via it’s specially formulated Allergen Clear Filter and Allergen Clear Operation. A self clean function helps inhibit the growth of mould within the unit – helping delivery fresh and clean air. MHI’s Clean Air Technology also makes this unit perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Sales Manager, Annemarie Schaal highlights that the features in this product are a further example of how MHI is continuing its push to develop products that are in line with the needs and wants of of its Kiwi consumers.

“At MHI, we realise that there is a demand for manufacturers to continue to deliver energy efficient and reliable products that meet their needs – specifically those in the cooler climates. Our Wera™ series is another example of our continual commitment to bring the reliable products, services and solutions to consumers throughout New Zealand and those in colder climates that need reliable heating, even in sub zero temperatures.” Annemarie Schaal, Sales Manager

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