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MHI Receives Most Product Recommendations in 2022 Review

consumer recommended heat pump review 2022In their latest 2022 review, leading consumer advocacy group Consumer has recommended a total of 20 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pumps, including 8 split systems from our Avanti®, Avanti PLUS® and Bronte® Series.

These latest recommendations make Mitsubishi Heavy Industries the most recommended heat pump brand of 2022!

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pumps fared exceptionally well across all size categories with recommendations across small, medium and large capacities. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries were proud to have 5 products included in the top 10 for overall scores as well as having the top 6 top performing heat pumps for outdoor noise levels. 

Consumer analysed performance data from over 292 heat pumps this year before rating them based on their:

  • Heating and cooling efficiency
  • Indoor and outdoor noise levels
  • Performance in low temperatures

Small capacities (under 4kW)

Out of the Consumer recommended small capacity systems, 2 out of the top 3 were Mitsubishi Heavy Industries models with both the Avanti® and Avanti PLUS® series being recommended.

The 2.0kW, and 2.5kW models the Avanti PLUS® series were the true champions in 2022. Boasting industry leading heating and cooling energy ratings and a wide range of energy saving features, the 2.0kW Avanti PLUS® model was considered the most energy efficient heat pump in New Zealand. 

Both the 2.0kW and 2.5kW Avanti PLUS® models also did exceptionally well in regard to outdoor noise and performance in low temperatures. They scored 92% and 91% respectively for outdoor noise and 82% for heating in low temperature performance making them #1 and #2 for both outdoor noise and performance in low temperatures. 

Thanks to these ratings, 2.0kW Avanti PLUS® model was considered a top performer in this year’s review! Achieving an overall rating of 86% made it the highest rated split system heat pump of any size! Coming in at #2 was the 2.5kW Avanti PLUS® model which achieved an overall rating of 85%. 

Learn more about the Avanti PLUS® and why its considered one of the best heat pumps on the market in our product in focus.

medium capacities (4kw – 6kw)

In the medium capacity category, the 3.5kW Avanti PLUS® was recommended by Consumer and achieved a commendable 80% overall rating. It also delivered exceptional performance with regard to indoor noise – achieving 82% rating  making it the second highest rated medium size heat pump and third highest rated heat pump overall.

The 5.0kW Avanti PLUS® was the highest performing heat pump with regard to outdoor noise – achieving a score of 86% for outdoor noise levels. The model also achieved an overall score of 80% making it the third highest rated heat pump in the medium sized category.

large capacities (over 6kw)

Completing the trio of recommendations across small, media and large capacities was the 6.0kW Avanti PLUS® with its recommendation in the large capacity category. The 6.0kW Avanti PLUS® achieved an overall rating of 71% and was the quietest heat pump in the large category, achieving an industry leading 84% for indoor noise levels – the highest rating of any high-wall heat pump.

Recommended for medium to larger spaces, the Bronte® Series also fared well against tough competition in the large category. Consumer recommended the 6.3kW Bronte model heat pump which scored 83% for its heating efficiency, 78% for its low temp performance and 83% for its outdoor noise level for an overall rating of 81% – the highest rating among the large capacity high wall units.

The 7.1kW Bronte model was also recommended, scoring an overall rating of 76% as well as a high 82% for low temp performance in colder temperatures. It also received a 92% rating for its outdoor noise level – making it the highest rated, large capacity heat pump in that regard.

If you’re a Consumer member you can review the entire list of recommended products here

message from management

Spokesperson for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and New Zealand’s Manager, John McMaster, notes that these recommendations further highlight MHI’s brand philosophy of innovation and creative products that are designed to improve the lives of those who use them.

“At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries we are always looking at ways that we can improve every aspect of our products. With the majority of the country spending much more time at home these days, our customers are our number one priority and we are focused on ensuring their comfort during the colder winter months, as well as all year round. Once again, we’re honoured to have received these highly regarded endorsements from Consumer” – John McMaster.